Manufacturing Maintenance Software

Running a manufacturing facility requires great care for your most important assets—your machinery and the maintenance team responsible for them.

With manufacturing asset management software from Brightly, your team can:

  • Brightly_icon_other_industries Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Brightly_icon_other_industries Increase profitability
  • Brightly_icon_other_industries Extend asset life
  • Brightly_icon_other_industriesMake smarter budget decisions
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Boost profitability

When you add a powerful computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to your manufacturing operations, your team can start realizing savings almost immediately. Using Brightly Asset Essentials™ to manage your assets allows you to:

  • Streamline work orders and maintenance tasks
  • Have a 360-degree view of your operations for smarter budget decisions
  • Identify problematic assets sooner and see an increase in ROI
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Reduce unplanned downtime

In manufacturing, unplanned downtime derails operations and eats into your bottom line. Ensuring your most important assets stay operational means you hit deadlines. Without proper data and benchmarking, you’re simply waiting for assets to fail and hoping repairs aren’t too costly or time consuming.

The key to reducing unplanned downtime is an asset management system that gives you real-time data at your fingertips and helps create a smarter maintenance strategy. With Brightly’s powerful solutions, your manufacturing operations team can:

  • Know the health of your most important assets
  • Create smarter maintenance routines to ensure optimal performance
  • Increase uptime and maintain high quality standards
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Extend asset life

Your equipment is the lifeblood of your operations. Caring for them is an uphill battle and requires an experiences partner to help. Without using a computerized maintenance management system to protect your assets, you are simply sitting and waiting for them to fail.

It’s easy to move from reactive to proactive and even predictive maintenance with the help of Asset Essentials. By deploying our powerful, cloud-based asset management software, your manufacturing operations can:

  • Manage assets across your portfolio
  • Plan and schedule preventive maintenance tasks
  • Save money on repair costs
  • Extend asset life and delay expensive replacement costs
Asset Essentials

Jumpstart a modern maintenance routine.

Asset Essentials is a cloud-based maintenance solution developed for daily and advanced maintenance operations management. This user-friendly platform empowers manufacturing teams to efficiently manage workflows, improve asset health awareness, and predict and prevent asset failures - all with anytime, anywhere access.

Do more with less

Maximize resources with IoT integration

Decades ago, the internet revolutionized how we connected with one another. Now, the Internet of Things (IoT) is allowing manufacturers to not only stay connected to their assets but can help get the most out of resources.

A variety of sensors are finding their way into manufacturing plants and helping operations teams work more efficiently.

With Smart Asset for Asset Essentials, you can: 

  • Get real-time updates on asset performance and automate work orders when necessary
  • Minimize production defects by detecting anomalies early
  • Monitor vibration, temperature and more to ensure optimal performance and output
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Make smarter decisions

Manufacturing maintenance software is an important partner to your operations team. Without it, you are often left using outdated methods to track maintenance costs, unplanned downtime, asset performance and more. By centralizing your data and creating a smarter maintenance strategy, you can extend the life of your machines and make smarter budget decisions.

Adding Asset Essentials allows you to:

  • Schedule work orders based on predictive maintenance and historical data
  • Easily view KPIs, reports and charts in predefined dashboards
  • Track your budget based on historical data and projections
  • Gain deeper insight with our data analyzer tool
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Ensure safety & compliance

Maintaining a safe plant floor and remaining compliant are as important as meeting quotas and quality standards. Using a manufacturing CMMS can not only help your bottom line, but it can be instrumental in helping maintain work safety standards. With Asset Essentials, you can:

  • Document all work orders in one centralized location
  • Generate reports for regulatory compliance
  • Schedule preventive maintenance to avoid asset failure and maintain a safe plant floor
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Improve Manufacturing Efficiency with our Asset Management Suite of Tools

We know how important machinery and other manufacturing assets are to your operations, so we built a suite of powerful tools to help your team work efficiently. From leveraging sensors to work smarter, to being able to track your carbon footprint and cut utility waste, our manufacturing maintenance software helps tackle problems and saves you time and money.

Asset Essentials

Your manufacturing equipment and machinery requires the utmost care to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently. Without asset management software, you have no way of knowing how your assets are performing or when the right time for maintenance is. Simply put—you don’t have visibility and information needed to position yourself for long-term success.

That’s why you need our powerful CMMS software on your team. With Asset Essentials, you can gain greater insight into your operations, decrease unplanned downtime and reduce manufacturing equipment maintenance costs. Your assets will stay online for longer and you can gain more insight into budgetary and repair-versus-replace decisions.

Smart Assets for Asset Essentials

Your operations are under tremendous pressure, from aging infrastructure and assets to constrained resources and employee shortages. Unplanned downtime and high replacement costs eat into profits. It’s time to get smart with your assets.

By adding Smart Assets for Asset Essentials to your operations toolbelt, you can maximize uptime, improve asset health and lengthen lifecycle, all while eliminating unnecessary costs and increasing profitability. The secret is leveraging the power of IoT remote monitoring to help collect data, reducing your need for manual inspections and detecting anomalies before asset failure. Operate with higher utilization and reduced downtime with this powerful add-on module.

Energy Manager

Manufacturing operations professionals have always had their eye on production, output and their bottom line. Recent environmental, societal and governance (ESG) initiatives have driven change and forced sustainability to the top of many minds.

With Brightly Energy Manager™, you can track emissions and identify utility waste, all in one centralized dashboard. Lower your energy bill and gain tangible data on how you have increased sustainability across your organization.


Funding for facility upgrades can often be challenging to find. High maintenance and replacement costs pin you between a rock and a hard place. The path to a brighter future is always knowing the health of your assets so you can focus funds where they’re most needed.

That’s why we created Brightly Origin™ to help with your capital planning. Using asset-specific data, including leveraging work order and preventive maintenance data from your manufacturing CMMS, you can predict the long-term health of assets. Don’t risk asset failure—get strategic and optimize your facilities’ budget.


Without CMMS software, maintenance and operations teams are reactive, waiting for asset failure to make repairs. Utilizing a CMMS and a proper maintenance strategy allows an organization to become preventive. Take your operations to the next level and become predictive.

With Brightly Predictor, you can accurately predict the future health of all systems and assets you manage. Use this powerful maintenance management software to compare various funding scenarios and justify funding requests. Put your money where it is most needed and build a brighter future for your manufacturing organization!

Success Story

Tekniplex Stays on the Cutting Edge of Manufacturing with Brightly’s Asset Essentials


We use it to consolidate legacy systems into a singular system, so we can use it to better support our maintenance activities. We like it because we can take it to a plant and easily configure it for that plant.

Manager of Manufacturing Engineering, Tekniplex
Success Story

Chroma Color Corporation Boosts Efficiency, Slashes Downtime with Asset Essentials and Smart Assets

Chroma Color
Multiple States, U.S.

You can’t get hung up on having to have all the data right away; it’s important but you can get a lot of value without having every field buttoned up.

It’s amazing to see pictures of what’s actually happening on that equipment. We can see what we’re loading and in some cases, overloading. All the additional data we’re gathering allows us to paint a picture or diagnose a problem.

Chroma Color Corp
Vice President of Operations, Chroma Color
Success Story Streamlines Facilities Management and Maintenance with Asset Essentials

Austin, Texas, US

Everyone on our maintenance technician team uses Asset Essentials daily, and we’re working to get the entire facilities team using it too. When we use a certain number of parts, an alert will pop up on our main dashboard and tell us the parts we need to order. It’s very helpful to ensure we won’t run out of any given part, which could send us down for a period of time.

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Maintenance and Facilities Team Manager

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Why does my manufacturing facility need asset management software?

Your manufacturing equipment fuels your operations. Unplanned downtime or decreased performance directly impacts your bottom line. Manufacturers need asset management software to keep machinery running efficiently and avoid unplanned downtime. Instead of waiting for assets to fail, your manufacturing operations can work smarter, gain operational efficiency and prolong asset life with smarter maintenance. Always know the true health of your assets and plan for a brighter future for your organization with Brightly’s world-class asset management software.

What type of training is available with Brightly’s asset management software?

Brightly knows that success requires our products going beyond just being a management solution—it means being a partner at all levels of your manufacturing operations. As such, we work directly with you to ensure a smooth implementation and have both on-site and self-guided training available. Our products are backed by our legendary client support, meaning a real person will promptly answer your call or reply to your email.   

What makes Brightly’s asset management software better than other systems?

With more than two decades of experience helping maintenance and operations teams around the world, Brightly’s asset management software is built with you in mind. Our cloud-based solutions feature a user-friendly interface, meaning they are easy to use and can be accessed from nearly any smartphone. Backed with a team of experts who are always ready to help, we’re the perfect partner to protect your assets and build a sustainable community.  

How much money do manufacturing facilities save when using Brightly’s asset management software?

The amount of money manufacturing facilities can save using Brightly’s asset management software can vary based on a number of factors. By using Asset Essentials and setting up a preventive maintenance program, you can see a 63% drop in maintenance costs. Other savings can be found through automating tasks and optimizing maintenance operations. Brightly is proud to have supported $321 billion USD worth of assets and has helped thousands of clients save money.   

How long does it take for manufacturing facilities to move to adopt asset management software?

While it may vary for each manufacturing facility, adopting Brightly’s asset management software doesn’t take much time. Our team will work with you to understand your goals and suggest the right solutions to help you meet them. Brightly’s manufacturing maintenance software is both cloud-based and user-friendly, so anyone with a smartphone can get started and access the crucial information they need from anywhere.   

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Get Started with Brightly Today

With every production run, you put more wear and tear on your equipment. Without a CMMS, your maintenance team doesn’t have access to data to tell them if equipment is performing poorly or when it needs to be serviced. In a world where unplanned downtime can make or break you, it’s time to get smarter with your maintenance strategy.

With over two decades of experience, Brightly has helped manufacturers around the world get the most out of their assets. Our powerful software can help your team cut costs while maintaining quality standards and minimizing unplanned downtime. Don’t just take our word for it—try it for yourself. Schedule a discovery call and our legendary support team will help scope and build your custom demo. We look forward to partnering with you and building a bright future for your organization!